Chengde Yaou Nuts&Seeds Co.,Ltd. Successfully registered Madrid international trademark

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  Chengde Yaou
   In recent years, chengde has actively promoted the implementation of trademark strategy, vigorously developed the brand economy, promoted the industrialization development of superior agricultural products, and promoted the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. By the end of April 2018, there were 10223 valid registered trademarks in chengde, including 11 well-known trademarks. The registered trademark of chengde city is 12.
  On the land of chengde, the trademark is like a bright pearl, shining the city and becoming the engine of economic take-off.
  Trademark registration is in full swing
  Brand is an important part of city spirit and culture, and a long-term strategic competitive advantage. While trademark is the manifestation and core content of a brand, the main carrier for the creation, development, operation and protection of a brand should be the trademark. In recent years, the trademark registration, use and development of chengde have been in full bloom in all walks of life.
  Recently, the reporter learned from chengde market supervision and administration bureau that by the end of April 2018, chengde had 10223 registered trademarks, 924 more than the end of 2017, including 11 well-known trademarks. Two new geographical indications have been added (longhua goji barbarum, longhua yue xia tomato), and 12 chengde geographical indications have been issued.
  For promoting the implementation of brand strategy and chengde city based on the actual development, printed and distributed to the famous "to speed up cultivating brand-name quality product development promote the economic development of the famous trademark", according to the chengde city economic priorities and combined with various counties (city) area advantage industry resources, overall planning brand strategy implementation, promote brand to develop into government priority target.
  In chengde city set up "to register a trademark, drive an industry, the rich party people" under the guidance, the working train of thought of clear brand development goals, major tasks and safeguard measures, the trademark strategy implementation from department ACTS as the government behavior, government leading, enterprise main body, market regulation, the main body, department, main work pattern, social participation.
  In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of all kinds of subjects to register trademarks, chengde municipal market supervision department visited key enterprises one by one and provided professional guidance for trademark registration and use.
  In may, city and county two-tier market supervision department staff came to KuanCheng monolithic ditch township, and township head, KuanCheng monolithic ditch bee breeding professional cooperatives member and beekeepers geographic marks on monolithic ditch honey application communicate relevant information and discussion. Members of the cooperative say that while honey is good, the biggest difficulty is selling it. The staff suggested that, in addition to registering the "old mud drum" common trademark on the type 5 royal jelly, cooperatives should also register on the type 30 honey to meet the needs of the actual selling species. Should also be considered at the same time, will be registered as a geographical indication "monolithic ditch honey" certification marks, give full play to the geographic marks in promoting the farmers' income, agricultural efficiency and the important role of the new rural development, and introduces in detail the body of the geographic marks registered, conditions, procedures, as well as the relevant provincial government incentives, etc. The on-site guidance of trademark registration has been unanimously recognized by all, and has also strengthened their confidence and initiative in trademark registration.
  We will give more support to trademarks
  See their products production and sales of two popular, in short supply, chengde asia-europe nuts co., LTD., general manager of zhi-qiang xue joy beyond words, as a famous trademark "and" brand products are not only sold more than 10 domestic provinces, also sell well in the United States, Canada, Japan and other countries, speaking of "and" the registration and use of trademarks, zhi-qiang xue said "thanks to chengde city and hiraizumi liang level market supervision and regulation department for many years to our support."
  "In 2018, chengde municipal market supervision and administration department will carry out in-depth trademark assistance and support work with two special actions," trademark promotion "and" trademark right protection ". Chengde city market supervision authority trademark division related responsible person introduction.
  Chengde city market supervision departments at all levels to take various ways to further increase the intensity of trademark propaganda, training, creating the atmosphere of trademark development, promote the whole society's awareness of brand, and guide enterprises to actively registered trademark, cultivate well-known trademark. In 2018, we will strive to increase the number of registered trademarks in chengde by more than 1,000 and report to the state administration for industry and commerce more than three well-known trademarks nationwide.
  We will take the development of geographical indications as the focus and push forward the work of "trademark poverty alleviation". Geographical indication trademark is an important regional public brand resources, is the place characteristic the gold-lettered signboard of farming, forestry, fruit, livestock, vigorously support the development of the geographic marks, structural reforms to boost agricultural supply side, strengthen rural characteristics of leading industry, promote the farmers' income to become rich is of great significance. In 2018, chengde will strive to register more than 5 new geographical mark trademarks, focus on cultivating more than 10 and excavating and storing more than 20.
  We will actively guide export-oriented enterprises to carry out international trademark registration. In mid-may, chengde city organized training of Madrid international registration of trademarks, invited Beijing mountain big storage intellectual property agency co., LTD., vice general manager of "bian win, tells the story of the need for international registration of trademarks, conditions, procedures, fees, such as knowledge, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of different ways to register, and puts forward Suggestions to enterprise's overseas registered.
  "Through training, effectively stimulated the enthusiasm of the export enterprises to the international registration of trademarks, will lead the enterprise to catch all the way ' 'area historical opportunity, accelerate the brand overseas layout, shift' only accounts for the market, not label the backward development of way, improve the competitiveness and reputation of 'chengde manufacturing." Chengde city market supervision authority related responsible person said.
  We will lift farmers out of poverty and make them rich
  On intensify the building of the brand trademark, the chengde city precision of poverty alleviation and the implementation of the "trademark rich peasants" work effectively together, help build based on geographical indication marks agricultural products agricultural production base, and actively guide the implementation of the "leading enterprises + trademark (geographical indications) + peasant household" the mode of operation, geographical indication characteristic industry has become a place of rural development, agricultural efficiency and effective way of increasing farmers' income.
  In 2017 by the state administration for industry and commerce trademark office and China industry and commerce submitted to the trademark the rich peasants and the use of geographical indication accurately collecting and poll ten typical cases for poverty alleviation, the geographic marks of chengde "KuanCheng chestnut", to success in votes fifth selected, is the only included in the geographic marks of hebei province.
  Chengde god chestnut food co., LTD. Is the use of geographic marks "KuanCheng chestnuts" leading enterprises, KuanCheng chestnut has been exported to Japan, Thailand, the United States, Germany and other 26 countries and regions, and in domestic 21 provinces and cities set up sales outlets, sales of more than RMB 150 million. Adhering to the "buy all of the county Chinese chestnut, the purchase price is higher than the surrounding area, the enterprise profit return for LiNong" three promises, chengde god chestnut chestnut industry KuanCheng agriculture has become the dominant industry and pillar industry of the farmers' income. In accordance with the "precision" for poverty alleviation plan, set up the Chinese chestnut cooperative, the club are more than 40000 peasant households, solve more than 2000 jobs, and so did the KuanCheng 200000 LiNong annual per capita income 300 yuan of above, Chinese chestnut accounted for 38% of the farmers' income, effective guarantee the county 45 funding stable 21567 poor people out of poverty. It has also led to further development of catering, tourism, warehousing, logistics, transportation, information and other related industries.