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  Chengde Yaou Nuts&Seeds Co.,Ltd. Located at the junction of the three provinces of hebei, liaoning and Mongolia, the town of 50 sub-families, north of pingquan city, hebei province, is adjacent to liaoheyuan national forest park and Inner Mongolia heili river. With a registered capital of 51.22 million yuan and total assets of 150 million yuan, the company is a well-known leading enterprise of collectivization integrating apricot kernels acquisition, processing and sales in northern China. Hebei province agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise, the company covers an area of 90,000 square meters, the construction area of 53,3333 square meters, under 8 large series of production workshops, two branches. It has more than 500 employees.

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Tillage and harvest is an eternal topic. Asia and Europe regard every day as a new starting point. They compete for natural selection and constantly transcend the past. Since its founding, Asia and Europe have a long-sighted vision, unlimited passion, and go through all kinds of hardships and hardships, and sing along.

Address From Chairman Of Board

External Trade

  Over the years, Eurasian apricot kernels have adhered to the principle of honesty, innovation and far-reaching struggle for development, and won national honors for many times. In 2008, Eurasian apricot kernels were recognized as the key leading enterprises in the forest and fruit industry of Hebei Province. Eurasian apricot kernels were awarded the high-quality products of Hebei Province. At the same time, Eurasian apricot kernels won the gold Medal of the first high-quality fruit exhibition of Hebei Province. In 2015, they passed the ISO22000 certification Through BRC international certification, the company has import and export rights, since 2000 began to export, products are exported annually to South Korea, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Denmark, Britain, Venezuela, Morocco, Malaysia and more than a dozen countries and regions, annual export of apricot kernels 2000 tons, 1500 tons of medicinal materials, in the exporting countries have obtained good results Word of mouth and reputation. Eurasian production management team has always attached importance to professional management construction, the establishment of e-commerce department, international sales department, Eurasian people unite to explore the market, strive to achieve full product coverage, market development, so that the Internet economy to help the vigorous development of Asia and Europe.